"Herbae is happy to work with Pi as they share a robust approach to providing trustworthy data to Brazilian growers."
Dr Tiago Pereira Salgado
Agronomist Engineer, Director, Herbae Consultoria e Projetos Agrícolas Ltda

Julian Evans, Director, Nexus Packaging “Plant Impact demands high spec UN accredited packaging for their products and we’re happy to help them deliver their great quality product in the best quality package.”

“As an experienced technical trialist I only partner with responsible institutions who excel in the quality of their products and staff.  With Pi, I share a focus on robust field experiments that generate reliable technical information.” 

“Plant Impact’s detailed protocols and timely support helped us to provide accurate trial data for Fortalis in the USA.”  David Stevenson, Director, Stewart Ag Research Services, USA

“We hold ‘retain’ samples of all of our commercial production for up to 3 years so that we can review batches later if necessary.”  Kerry Ross, Pi Supply Chain Planner

“At MANEXA we make a great effort to generate quality data and we work as a team with Pi with a common goal, to get the best results”

Ing. Agr. Gabriel Kuriger MANEXA R&D,  Argentina.

“We have worked with PI for 2 seasons. Their product testing protocols and training were very thorough and they worked with us to ensure data was returned accurately and efficiently.”