What’s the best thing about working at Plant Impact?

We work as a team to lead research and development in crop enhancement, creating products that growers can rely on to improve the yield and quality of their crops.

Could your scientific or business expertise help us to deliver innovative and proven technology to growers worldwide?

“I really enjoy being part of a business where colleagues are willing to share their experiences and knowledge. I still continue to learn everyday and it’s refreshing to be part of a culture with so much energy and drive”

Kerry Ross,
Supply Chain Planner, UK

“I was drawn to the idea of being part of an agile global team, focused on working together to develop crop enhancement technology that’s founded on real science.”

Dr Andy Fowles,
Global Formulation Manager, UK

“Working for Plant Impact is for me a new discovery everyday. We are a very connected company so we can react quickly and this creates plenty of opportunities to learn and contribute ideas.”

Ricardo Antunes,
Technical Manager, Goiania, Brazil

“I am really enjoying working with my team at Plant Impact. I believe that the company has great potential and I can be an important part of its growth. The innovative technology we are developing together really improves yield and quality for growers.”

Giselle Hubner,
Market Development Agronomist, Mato Grosso Region, Brazil

“The best part of working at Plant Impact is the people who work with us, motivating us to always get the best out of us, as individuals and professionals. Here we are more than a team, we are a family.”

Rangel Rodrigues,
Market Development Agronomist, Brazil

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