Fortalis® is an advanced and proven crop enhancement foliar spray for soybean. This is Plant Impact’s first formulated product to use the second generation of our technologyTMCaT, which has been developed over recent years, tested successfully in Argentina, Brazil and the United States and is subject to a pending patent application.

Fortalis® has been awarded our Pi Quality Standard.  Its CaT™ technology has completed the required comprehensive multi-year and multi-location trial program and meets or exceeds 15 robust quality criteria that focus on efficacy, innovation, safety and compliance.  In the USA alone it has undergone an extensive research and demo trial program across the soybean growing area, including Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri and Minnesota.  In total, 147 selected US farms and research contractors worked with us to establish and share accurate results from their yield comparison demo trials. The innovative, optimised formulation of Fortalis® is also being trailed and will be introduced in Argentina in the 2016/17 season. 

Fortalis® in action
Similar to Veritas®, Fortalis® uses a new formulation to further increase yield by improving the mobility of calcium throughout the plant to improve fixation of flowers and pods. Fortalis® helps to close the yield gap by delivering significant benefits for soybean growers:

  • More soybean pods per plant and more seeds per plant
  • A proven and consistent average yield increase (producing an average 4.8 extra bushels an acre for US growers when used with a foliar fungicide)
  • Physical and biological compatibility with other leading farm inputs for soybean such as foliar fungicides, fertilisers and pesticides
  • Maximum benefits are achieved when applied when in the period between onset of flowering and early pod set

Fortalis® is physically and biologically compatible with leading fungicides and insecticides.


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