Veritas® is an advanced and proven crop enhancement foliar spray for soybean. It uses our CaTtechnology to increase yield by improving the mobility of calcium throughout the plant. More than 1600 field trials held over several years show that Veritas® delivers significant benefits. We are proud to work with Bayer CropScience to bring Veritas®to soybean growers in Brazil and now in Paraguay.

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Veritas® benefits

  • optimised calcium mobility and distribution throughout the plant
  • reduced flower and soybean pod loss
  • increased vigour for more robust plants
  • more soybean pods per plant and more grains per plant
  • a proven and consistent average yield increase of 3 bags per hectare for growers across Brazil
  • physical and biological compatibility with other leading farm inputs for soybean such as fertilisers and pesticides 

Our latest data confirms consistent performance (*a Brazilian 'bag' of soybean = 60kgs):

2015/16 529 trials, average +192 kgs per ha uplift (+ 3.2 bags* per ha)

2014/15 720 trials, average +180kgs per ha uplift (+ 3 bags per ha*)

Quality Standard awarded for proven performance

Veritas® for soybean has been awarded our Pi Quality Standard.  It has completed the required comprehensive multi-year and multi-location trial program and meets or exceeds 15 robust quality criteria that focus on efficacy, innovation, safety and compliance.  The Veritas® trial program involved large plot demonstrations conducted by industry-recognised independent contract researchers and soybean producers. Over 1,600 demonstration trials have been run and measured over four seasons. Average yield and the performance has been extremely consistent across geographic locations and seasons.