Why are agricultural industry leaders and investors buying in to crop enhancement?

Major distributors and agrochemical multinationals are seeking high quality crop enhancement products to supplement their established product ranges including inputs such as fertilisers, pesticides and advanced seeds. By working with trusted global partners and regional distributors, we aim to reach growers and close the crop yield gap worldwide.

Why would growers buy crop enhancement products when crop prices are volatile?

Plant Impact crop enhancement products provide a real financial return on investment for farmers. We thoroughly research and test our products on farms in relevant geographies before commercialising only the formulations that we can prove work and deliver good value for the farmer. For example:

  • Veritas® delivers an average increase of 3 bags (180 kgs) per hectare in marketable yield for soybean farmers in Brazil
  • BANZAITM has given approximately a 25% yield increase in cocoa for farmers in West Africa during trials
  • We price our products so that they return a farmer’s investment at least three-fold, even during seasons with particularly low yields

A simple three part strategy

  1. To sell “direct to market” in territories which we can serve affordably from our home base in the United Kingdom. We are developing and marketing products which improve the post-harvest quality of high-value horticultural crops. In these markets, such as the United Kingdom, France and various markets of the Middle East, we provide direct, technical support to the distributors who sell to growers. This element of our strategy has helped to finance much of the operating cost of the Group whilst we developed the other elements of our strategy.
  2. To “globalise and scale” by selecting crop targets and countries in which we supply yield enhancing inputs to growers of large-scale world crops, such as soybean, rice, maize, and wheat. We market our products for these crops via strategic partnerships with major agrochemical suppliers. We have identified the Brazilian soybean market in partnership with Bayer CropScience as our first ‘globalise and scale’ objective. In the 2015 financial year, we also identified the West African cocoa market, in partnership with Arysta LifeScience as a meaningful growth opportunity. As we achieve growth from our entry into these world-scale crops, surplus cash will provide the financial and organisational capacity to develop new products and technologies.
  3. To “accelerate innovation” by identifying and commercialising new technologies and products to bring a complete crop enhancement portfolio offering to growers of large-scale world crops. This aspect of the strategy follows the improvement in cash flow from sales into the first target crop, Brazilian soybean. We have begun to build a complete portfolio of new crop enhancement products for soy and wheat crops over the medium term.