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Media Q&A

Company overview

Plant Impact plc is a UK-headquartered company that leads research and development in crop enhancement to create products that growers can rely on to get more yield from their crops. We use our agricultural business expertise to find efficient, cost effective ways to offer our solutions to those growers, worldwide.

What are crop enhancement products?

Crop enhancement products (sometimes called crop efficiency products) improve the quality and yield of crops. They are typically applied in small quantities via foliar sprays or seed treatments.

Why are they necessary?

Our global population is set to rise by 60% by 2050, and new land available for agriculture is limited, economically marginal, or environmentally sensitive. We need more yield from existing cultivated areas but crops today consistently yield far less than the genetic potential of modern seeds. For example, average soybean yields in Brazil are 3 metric tons per hectare, but the best available seeds can produce yields of over 10 metric tons per hectare. The world needs new technologies to help close the gap between average yields of key crops and their genetic potential. Crop enhancement products are essential technologies to achieve these higher yields.

What’s inside?

Plant Impact crop enhancement products contain special combinations of thoroughly researched, tested and regulated chemicals. These include synthetic and naturally occurring biostimulants.

How do they work?

Our crop enhancement products are applied as foliar sprays or seed treatments. They manage a plant’s natural responses to stress factors to build its resilience. This boost in strength helps plants to flourish in good conditions but also when faced with increasingly common stresses such as heat, salinity, drought and the applications of other chemicals. Our technology pages explain more.

Are these products fertilisers then?

Our products enhance a plant’s physiological performance, whereas fertilisers correct soil deficiencies and agrochemicals protect plants from pests and diseases. Our products do work well alongside these inputs though, and we thoroughly research and test them to ensure their compatibility with other common farming inputs.

Are they GM?

No, our products do not use GM technology.

How do you manufacture your products?

Our products are manufactured within the UK at three, outsourced contract manufacturers with the highest quality and safety standards.

Which regulations are you governed by?

Our products combine chemicals and both synthetic and naturally occurring biostimulants. Current regulations treat our products under national and multinational rules which govern the manufacture and distribution of foliar fertilisers. However, new regulation of this relatively new product type is being developed by European and North American regulatory agencies, and we are working closely with the relevant industry groups (eg EBIC) and the regulators to help achieve a set of simple and clear regulations.

What makes Plant Impact different?

We focus on crop enhancement technology and combine the knowledge of world-leading scientists with experienced agricultural industry business expertise. The success of our yield and quality enhancing products proves that we have the right technology for growers. Our ability to bridge the gap between academia and multinational agchem giants proves that we have the approach right for our partners too.

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