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Leading research and development in crop enhancement to create products that growers can rely on to improve the yield and quality of their crops. We help to close the gap between maximum potential yields and the average attainable yield so that we can improve food security and grower incomes worldwide.

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Introducing Fortalis®

We're introducing Fortalis® to soybean growers in the USA and Argentina.  This new yield improving foliar spray is our first product using the second generation of our CaT technology.


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Plant impact is developing a complete portfolio of crop enhancement products for the world’s most important agricultural crops.

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10 10 2016

Dr Amarjit Basra continues in his role as our guest editor on LinkedIn with an article discussing wheat and what needs to happen if we are to find a way to realize the potential of every seed.

In the article he says "...The rate of wheat yield progress will depend on innovations to: (i) prolong the crop’s yield-forming period, (ii) optimize its water and nutrient use efficiency, (iii) mitigate the effects of heat stress, (iv) improve its photosynthetic efficiency and carbon allocation and (v) protect yield-formation from disease, pest and weed pressure. However, yields could actually decline if the rate of evolution of resistant pests, pathogens and weeds outstrips the rate of introduction of new genetic, agronomic and chemical technologies."

Read more:  The next innovation in agricultural technology: Can we realize the potential of every seed?

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05 10 2016

Plant Impact is proud to announce that we are now the newest member of the American Society of Agronomy (ASA), the Crop Science Society of America (CSSA) and Soil Science Society of America (SSSA). We're happy to be in such good company and keen to play our part in advancing scientific understanding of crop enhancement globally.

The ASA, SSSA and CSSA are progressive international scientific societies with over 11,000 members fostering the transfer of knowledge and practices to sustain global agronomy.


Learn more about the ASA/SSSA/CSSA



03 10 2016

Today Dr Amarjit Basra takes over the Plant Impact LinkedIn page as guest editor for October.

Amarjit joined us recently from Monsanto as our Research & Development Programme Manager, Cereals and he will be sharing his thoughts on the agtech industry as well as the latest agricultural innovations in plant science and yield improvement worldwide.

The article begins...

 "The world population is continuing to rise but crop yields are failing to keep up. Globally, major yield gaps exist to realise the actual yield potential of modern genetics. These were just two of the reasons I left an agbiotech role with a major company recently and jumped ‘head first’ into one with a smaller but more agile crop enhancement company in the UK. From my perspective, as a result of AgTech industry consolidation, we’re at a historical transition point,..."

 Read more:  'Changing times for AgTech and an exciting move for me"

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27 7 2016

Our proven soybean crop enhancement products have arrived in the US and are already making an impact on selected farms. In just a few short months we have established a team of experienced US ag professionals at RTP, North Carolina and set up over 200 grower yield comparison demos of our yield improving Fortalis™ foliar spray product across US soy-growing States. The immediate task with these US demos is to achieve yield increases consistent with those that growers in Brazil have achieved with our Veritas® soybean product over several years.


The US team is headed by Mike Eade as North American Marketing and Commercial Director, previously of DuPont Pioneer.  Mike said “We’ve made a great start in carefully identifying grower cooperators to compare our new crop enhancement product for soybean, Fortalis™ vs untreated checks and fungicide alone vs fungicide plus Fortalis™.  These are a group of the US most innovative and experienced growers.  I’m looking forward to working with these growers and to seeing the result of their yield comparisons; we’ll have excellent data to prove efficacy for 2017 and beyond.”

This North America business follows several years of consistent, yield-improving success in other markets, in particular Brazil where soybean growers have seen average yield uplifts of over 5% each year.  This is also an ideal time to bring proven crop enhancement technology to the US, as growers seek more innovative and cost effective ways to improve productivity in a climate of tough soybean and wheat crop prices.

Mike added “Plant Impact has been working with Bayer CropScience for the past 4 years to launch our Veritas® soybean product in Brazil and we recently announced that we will jointly introduce Veritas® in Paraguay and Fortalis™ in Argentina this upcoming season.  These innovative products have truly improved soybean pod retention, resulting in a cut in yield gap* and positive ROI for the grower and the channel. With this track record, it’s clearly time we introduced them to our US soybean growers too.” 


Editor notes:

What’s the crop yield gap*?

We believe that crop enhancement products can help growers worldwide to harvest more produce from their land.  It can do this by moving the grower’s average yields closer to his or her potential maximum, regardless of the challenging climates and conditions that often hold them back.  We call this difference between average and potential the ‘yield gap’ and we’re helping to improve global food security by focusing our efforts on closing that gap.

About Plant Impact

Established in 2003, Plant Impact plc’s head office and primary research facility are at the Rothamsted Centre for Research and Enterprise (RoCRE) in Harpenden, UK (near London). We also have offices in Sao Paulo and Goais Brazil, and colleagues based in Argentina, France and Turkey.

Using in-house scientific research and via collaborations with our international Scientific Advisory Network as well as academic and research institutes such as Lancaster University and Rothamsted Research, we have developed reliable crop enhancement products that improve both yield and quality. Multi-year trials have proved the impact of the products and their compatibility with other plant protection inputs.  We marketsproducts in 20 countries, via regional agrochemical distributors and global strategic partners that growers trust. Leading products include Veritas® for soybean crops, available to Brazilian growers via Bayer CropScience, Banzai™ available to cocoa growers in West Africa via Arysta LifeScience and several products for horticultural crops via leading distributors across Europe and the Middle East.

For more information, contact:                                                     
 Mike Eade, Marketing and Commercial Director, North America

Mike Eade, Commercial and Marketing Director, USA +1 984 465 4188     

 Ailish Tracy, Global Communications Manager

+44 1582 465 542

01 7 2016

Plant Impact Plc

("Plant Impact" or the "Group")

New Product Introduction; Launch of Southern Cone Business Operations

Plant Impact plc (AIM: PIM), a leader in research and development in crop enhancement products that growers can rely on to improve the yield and quality of their crops is pleased to announce the introduction of Fortalis™ to Argentina and of Veritas® to Paraguay. This extends Plant Impact’s ongoing business relationship with Bayer CropScience and establishes the Group’s business operations in the Southern Cone of Latin America.

Fortalis™ and Argentina

Fortalis™ is Plant Impact’s newest product for soybean yield enhancement. Bayer CropScience Argentina will introduce Fortalis™ to the world’s third-largest soybean producing country in the 2016/17 growing season via the Bayer Argentina Ambassador Network. This new foliar spray is Plant Impact’s first formulated product to use the second generation of the Group’s CaT™ technology, which has been developed over recent years, tested successfully in Argentina, Brazil and the United States and is subject to a pending patent application.

Veritas® and Paraguay

As a further extension to the Group’s relationship with Bayer CropScience, sales of its established soybean crop enhancement product Veritas® will begin in Paraguay in the 2016/17 growing season. Veritas® has increased soybean yields consistently over the last 3 years in Brazil, with grower demonstration trials during 2015/16 also showing strong results across Paraguay.

John Brubaker, CEO of Plant Impact, commented:

"I am pleased to announce the introduction of Fortalis™, the geographic extension of Veritas® and this important expansion of our relationship with Bayer CropScience. Advances in technology are always exciting, and given recent political and economic developments in Argentina, we are proud that soybean growers in this market will be the first to use this next generation technology to improve their crop yields and overall profitability."

Hernan Bagliero, Head of Bayer CropScience division for South Cone, commented:

"We are pleased to extend our partnership with Plant Impact to the Argentina and Paraguay markets, and we are confident that Fortalis™ and Veritas® will be a success by bringing to our customers an improvement in soybean yield and farm profitability."

To support these important product introductions, Plant Impact is extending its geographic footprint by establishing operations in Latin America’s Southern Cone, with a team in Buenos Aires headed by Romina Güeli as Commercial and Marketing Director. Romina joins Plant Impact from Dow AgroSciences, where she was most recently Sales Director, Southern Cone with responsibility for Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia and Chile. Her career has also featured various senior product and business marketing roles for Dow, Zeneca and Syngenta. She is a trained agronomist and a published academic, with a BA from the Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina (Buenos Aires), and an MS from the University of Missouri, USA. Romina brings a broad mix of skills and commercial experience to her new position, as well as fluency in the English, Spanish and German languages.

Investor Open Day

Plant Impact is hosting an Investor Open Day today for current and prospective investors, analysts and press at its research facilities and head office at the Rothamsted Centre for Research and Enterprise, Harpenden, Hertfordshire, AL5 2JQ. The event will run from 10.00am to 2.15pm. No new material information will be disclosed at the Open Day.

For further information, contact:

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Richard Amos, Chief Financial Officer
Ailish Tracy, Global Communications Manager
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