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Our crop-focused team of scientists are based at the Rothamstead Research campus in Harpenden, UK. We apply our knowledge of crop physiology and agronomy to learn more about how to manage plants' yield limiting physiological responses.

We have extensive experience in:
  • Protocol development and experiment design.
  • Evaluation of candidate compounds and formulations in laboratory, glasshouse and controlled environment facilities.
  • Management of field trials.
  • Data management and statistical analysis.
  • Technology scouting and technology transfer.

We are also industry leaders in formulation chemistry, physical and chemical analysis, scaling up to manufacturing and production troubleshooting.

Our capabilities include:
  • Fully equipped formulation development laboratories.
  • Novel formulation and formulation system development.
  • Physical and chemical analysis.
  • Lab and production-scale evaluation of novel formulations.
  • Current product issue troubleshooting and resolution.
  • Product storage stability assessment.
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