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Veritas ™ is an advanced foliar spray that contains calcium, zinc and a Plant Impact technology to enhance yield by improving the mobility of calcium throughout the plant. More than 2000 field trials on soybean, held over several years, show that Veritas delivers significant benefits.

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Benefits of Veritas 
  • Mitigate flower and pod loss.
  • Proven and consistent soybean yield increases.
  • Average yield uplift of 190 kg/ha (5.2%) in Brazil.
  • Proven compatibility with most fungicides, insecticides and other AgChem foliar sprays.
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Calcium mobility technology

Our calcium mobility technology optimises movement and distribution of calcium in plant tissue.

Yield uplift data of soybean when veritas is applied

Soybean yield uplift

Veritas has been tested in 2,021 on-farm trials in Brazil. The average yield uplift was 190 kg/ha (5.2%) and the untreated areas averaged 3,618 kg/ha. The yield uplift has been consistent over many years, as shown in the graph. Veritas has also shown yield increases in many other countries. Further data can be found in the data sheets.
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Literature downloads

Veritas cotton data sheet

Veritas dry bean data sheet

Veritas peanut data sheet

Veritas data sheet on soybean

French - Veritas Fortalis Soybean data sheet

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