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InSync CoMo

InSyncTM CoMo is a high concentration cobalt and molybdenum formulation providing leading rhizobia compatibility for use in industrial seed treatment (IST) and on farm treatment. 

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Benefits of InSync CoMo
  • Minimal impact on rhizobia survival.
  • Low application volume, ideal for IST.
  • Unique gel formulation ensures maximum adherence of all treatment components.
  • Compatible with leading AgChem seed treatments.
  • Suitable for on-farm use.
InSync CoMo has been independently proven to be safe for germination under a range of environmental conditions. 
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Speciality nutrition

Our speciality nutrition products are formulated to overcome specific challenges such as compatibility issues with rhizobia, or antagonism with other agrochemicals.
rhizobia survival graph when InSync CoMo applied

Soybean rhizobia compatibility

Minimal impact on rhizobia survival on seed

Seeds were treated with InSync CoMo and rhizobia and stored for up to 29 days. Rhizobia were then washed off, plated on agar, and the number of colonies were counted. At the highest recommended rate of 1 mL/kg, InSync CoMo has a minimal effect on the rhizobia survival. More data can be found in the data sheet.
Recommended crops for InSync CoMo
pile of soybeans


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InSync CoMo data sheet

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