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Quality sports turf must be of a high aesthetic standard which requires intensive management and inputs, in particular nitrogen which helps achieve good blade colour and vigour. A steady supply of nitrogen is key to this, as it matches supply with plant demand, increasing efficiency and reducing waste from leaching or emissions. By applying products that allow for optimised and controlled nitrogen release, such as Plant Impact's iNTrenchTM, growers have experienced rapid greening and improved turf quality. Nitrogen availability is maximised while leaching and volatilisation is minimised, all without the use of urease inhibitors.

Benefits of iNTrench on turf:
  • Prolonged nitrogen availability – up to 10 weeks.
  • Rapid and persistent greening with better blade colours than competitors.
  • Excellent overall visual quality.
  • Reduced N application rates and minimal nitrate leaching.
  • Good turf safety even at high temperatures.
  • Formulated with calcium (iNTrench Ca) or potassium (iNTrench K).
turf quality graph showing quality increase when iNTrench is applied

Increased turf quality

A trial on mixed bentgrass and Poa annua, substituted iNTrench K for a polymethylene urea base application (36.6 kg/ha of N), nd/or a urea ammonium nitrate ‘spoon-feed’ (4.9 kg/ha), over a 7 week period. The turf quality was significantly better (P<0.05) when iNTrench K was used throughout. Bars with different letters are significantly different to each other (P<0.05). More data can be found in the data sheet.
Recommended products to be applied to turf
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iNTrench optimises nitrogen release to improve turf quality.

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Movax combines a Plant Impact abiotic stress resistance technology within a nutrient package

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iNTrench data sheet

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