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Amētros™ is an advanced foliar spray that contains calcium, zinc and a Plant Impact calcium mobility technology to enhance yield and increase shelf life.

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Benefits of Amētros 
  • Improved crop quality, storage and shelf-life.
  • Reduction of bitter-pit in apple and other calcium disorders.
  • Less crop waste and more marketable yield.
  • Compatibility with other AgChem foliar sprays.
  • Application flexibility due to reduced risk of scorch.
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Calcium mobility technology

Our calcium mobility technology optimises movement and distribution of calcium in plant tissue.

graph of bitter pit reduction on apples when ametros used

Bitter pit reduction in apple

In a trial located in Belgium on Jonagored apple variety, Amētros (8 applications of 1.5 L/ha) demonstrated a reduction in post storage bitter pit. This effect was comparable, or numerically better, than leading competitors, notwithstanding the fact that the competitor programmes used higher calcium application rates. More data can be found in the data sheet.
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Apple tree in a field

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Literature downloads

Ametros tree fruit data sheet

Ametros soft fruit data sheet

Ametros - Tomatoes and other greenhouse edible crops data sheet

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