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soybean nodules in soil

Yield uplift technology for seed

Our biostimulant technology for seed treatment application, branded under the name Symiro™, significantly increases yield. It is safe for germination and is thought to directly stimulate plant growth through promotion of cell division and expansion, enhancing leaf photosynthesis. Initially designed for use on soybean seed, Symiro has been shown to enhance nodulation in legumes resulting in increased nodule number. 

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Key benefits of Symiro
  • Significant yield increase of 5.6% demonstrated in field trials.

  • Safe on germination.

  • Increases nodule numbers leading to improved nitrogen fixation.

  • Promotes plant cell division and expansion.
  • Improves photosynthesis.

Symiro mode of action

soybean nodules in soil
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How does Symiro work?

Symiro contains a naturally occurring compound known to be secreted by rhizobia for plant signalling. This has a number of effects. Firstly, the plant cells make more sugars available to the rhizobia. Secondly, the plant increases root respiration, which in turn increases CO2 availability for the rhizobia. Other compounds thought to be useful to the rhizobia are also synthesised by the plant. As a result of these processes beneficial to the rhizobia, nodulation, and therefore nitrogen fixation, is increased.

As well as benefitting the rhizobia, Symiro is also thought to enhance plant growth more directly, through the promotion of cell division and expansion, as well as through the enhancement of leaf photosynthesis.

Graph showing increase in nodule number when Symiro yield uplift technology for seed is used

Proven yield uplift in soybean

Symiro technology has been tested across four years of rigorous field trials, both as a standalone compound, and incorporated into our finished product InSync™ Plus. Field trials conducted in Brazil showed InSync Plus gave a 241 kg/ha (5.6%) yield uplift compared to the control when averaged over 15 locations, each with 6 replications. The difference was statistically significant (P<0.001).
Graph showing how the increasing concentration of Symiro affects nodule number.

Symiro effect on nodule number

The effect of incorporating Symiro technology onto soybean seeds has been shown to significantly (P<0.001) affect nodule number. However, the effect is very concentration dependent. At the optimal concentration (labelled C on the graph) nodulation was increased by 40%. The overall biomass also increased, showing that Symiro can improve nitrogen fixation and therefore stimulate plant growth.
Products that contain Symiro technology


pile of soybeans

InSync Plus

InSync Plus is a seed treatment that contains cobalt, molybdenum and our yield enhancing biostimulant.
Interested in learning more about our yield increasing technology for seed application?