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Alcorus™ is an advanced foliar spray that contains a Plant Impact enhanced growth technology. Available in three nutrient formulations, Alcorus can be applied during vegetative stages to stimulate plant growth and yields.

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Benefits of Alcorus 
  • Increased yield.
  • Compatible with glyphosate and glufosinate, along with other herbicides applied in the vegetive growth stages (V2-V6).
  • Delivers manganese (Mn), phosphate (P) or potassium (K) in formulations that are not antagonistic to non-selective herbicides.
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Enhanced plant growth technology

Our enhanced plant growth technology is a precursor to thousands of plant metabolites that can stimulate rooting and plant growth.

Soybean yield uplift graph when Alcorus is used

Soybean yield uplift

Alcorus Mn was tested in 21 replicated trials conducted by different trialists across Brazil. The control yields were high (on average 4459 kg/ha) and yet there was a significant yield uplift (P<0.05) with Alcorus Mn, which gave an additional 95 kg/ha (2.1%), as shown on the graph. Further data can be found in the data sheet.
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