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pile of soybeans


Soybean is an important crop which provides a source of vegetable protein. Almost 70% of the global production is in Brazil, US and Argentina. We have a portfolio of biostimulants and specialist nutrition products focused on this crop which can be applied at different spray windows: seed, vegetative, and reproduction stages.
soybean yield uplift graph when insync plus applied

Seed treatment applications for soybean

Our InSync CoMo and InSync Plus products can be applied to soybean seeds. Field trials conducted in Brazil showed InSync Plus gave a 241 kg/ha (5.6%) yield uplift compared to the control when averaged over 15 locations, each with 6 replications. The difference was statistically significant (P<0.001). More data can be found in the product sheet.
Seed treatment products to be applied to soybean


pile of soybeans

InSync CoMo

InSync CoMo is a rhizobia compatible cobalt and molybdenum seed treatment for on farm and IST application on soybean.

pile of soybeans

InSync Plus

InSync Plus is a seed treatment that contains cobalt, molybdenum and our yield enhancing biostimulant.

Literature downloads

InSync CoMo data sheet

InSync Plus data sheet

Soybean yield uplift graph when Alcorus is used

Vegetative applications for soybean

Our Alcorus product can be applied during vegetative growth, and is available in three nutrient formulations. Alcorus Mn was tested in 21 replicated trials conducted by different trialists across Brazil. The control yields were high (on average 4459 kg/ha) and yet there was a significant yield uplift (P<0.05) with Alcorus Mn, which gave an additional 95 kg/ha (2.1%), as shown on the graph. Further data can be found in the product sheet.
Vegetative application products for soybean


rows of young soybean crop


Alcorus is a foliar spray that contains our enhanced plant growth technology.

Yield uplift data of soybean when veritas is applied

Reproductive applications for soybean

By optimising calcium movement in the early reproductive stages, our Fortalis and Veritas products can mitigate flower and pod loss and increase yield. Veritas has been tested in 2,021 on-farm trials in Brazil. The average yield uplift was 190 kg/ha (5.2%) and the untreated areas averaged 3,618 kg/ha. The yield uplift has been consistent over many years, as shown in the graph. Veritas has also shown yield increases in many other countries. Further data can be found in the data sheets.
Reproductive application products for soybean


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Fortalis is a foliar spray containing calcium, zinc and our calcium mobility technology.

tractor spraying soybean field


Fortiori™ is a foliar spray containing manganese (6% w/w), potassium (8.5% w/w) and nitrogen (5% w/w).

Mature soybean crop in field, sun setting


Veritas is a foliar spray that contains calcium, zinc and our calcium mobility technology.

Literature downloads

Fortalis soybean data sheet

Veritas data sheet on soybean

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