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ripe tomatoes on the vine

Tomatoes and other greenhouse edibles

Tomatoes and other greenhouse edibles, including peppers and aubergine, often suffer from blossom end rot. This is caused by calcium deficiency in distal parts of fruits due to limited water movement. As calcium is required for cell wall and membrane stability, a lack of calcium can cause localised cell death on the bottom of fruits. By applying biostimulant products that optimise the availability and distribution of calcium, such as Plant Impact's FortalisTM and InCaTM, growers have observed a reduction in calcium disorders, leading to improved crop quality.

Benefits of InCa and Fortalis on tomatoes and other greenhouse edibles
  • Improved crop quality, storage and shelf life.
  • Increased calcium content.
  • Reduction of blossom end rot.
  • Less crop waste and more marketable yields.
  • Compatibility with other AgChem foliar sprays.
Diagram showing the different parts of a pepper, and how InCa and our calcium mobility technology increases calcium concentration further down the plant

Increased calcium content in distal end of red pepper

In a Spanish trial, red peppers were treated with either 1 L/ha of InCa, or 3 L/ha of a competitor calcium product. There were three applications, starting at flowering of the fifth inflorescence, through until ripening. Treatment with InCa helped elevate the calcium concentration at the distal end of the fruit.
Recommended products to be applied to tomatoes and other greenhouse edibles
green lettuce leaves


eNTiton optimises nitrogen delivery to plants to encourage better establishment, rooting and growth.
pile of fresh strawberries


Fortalis is a foliar spray containing calcium, zinc and our calcium mobility technology.
Rows of red and green lettuce


InCa is a foliar spray that contains calcium, zinc and our calcium mobility technology.
raspberries garden


Movax combines a Plant Impact abiotic stress resistance technology within a nutrient package
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