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iNTrench™ is a liquid fertiliser containing liquid, foliar and fertigation applied nitrogen technology that can be applied to turf. A stabilised ureic/cation complex decreases the rate at which ammonium is released which can be converted to nitrate. This managed release maximises nitrogen availability whilst minimising leaching and volatilisation, without the need for urease inhibitors.

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Benefits of iNTrench on sports turf
  • Prolonged nitrogen availability – up to 10 weeks.
  • Rapid and persistent greening with better blade colours than competitors.
  • Excellent overall visual quality.
  • Reduced nitrogen application rates and minimal nitrate leaching.
  • Good turf safety even at high temperatures.
  • Formulated with calcium (iNTrench Ca) or potassium (iNTrench K).
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Liquid, foliar and fertigation nitrogen technology

Our liquid, foliar or fertigation applied, nitrogen technology, optimises nitrogen delivery to plants, encouraging better establishment, rooting and growth.
turf quality graph showing quality increase when iNTrench is applied

Increase in turf quality

A trial in the US on mixed bentgrass and Poa annua, substituted iNTrench K for a polymethylene urea base application (36.6 kg/ha of N), and/or a urea ammonium nitrate ‘spoon-feed’ (4.9 kg/ha), over a 7 week period. As shown in the graph, the turf quality was significantly better (P<0.05) when iNTrench K was used throughout. Bars with different letters are significantly different to each other (P<0.05). More data can be found in the product sheet.
Recommended crops for iNTrench
golf course landscape


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