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Crop field containing a biostimulant

Speciality nutrition

As well as having a range of biostimulant products, we have used our expertise to create nutritional products overcoming specific challenges. 

We have designed formulations that overcome compatibility issues with rhizobia, minimise antagonism with other agrochemicals, and enable high nutrient contents. This has been achieved though extensive biological testing and our expertise in a wide range of formulation types. 
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Speciality nutrition products
tractor spraying soybean field


Fortiori™ is a foliar spray containing manganese (6% w/w), potassium (8.5% w/w) and nitrogen (5% w/w).

fresh green cabbage farm field


MoBility is a high concentration liquid boron formulation designed for foliar application to prevent and treat boron deficiency.

pile of soybeans

InSync CoMo

InSync CoMo is a rhizobia compatible cobalt and molybdenum seed treatment for on farm and IST application on soybean.

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