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Field of cotton


Cotton is the most important natural fibre produced in the world and a source of a key raw material for the textile industry. Abiotic stress can decrease crop yield due, among other causes, to the resulting abortion of reproductive structures including the flowers.  Application of Plant Impact's products VeritasTM and FortalisTM lead to increased calcium concentration in reproductive structures, reducing flower abortion and improving cotton bud fixation, ultimately leading to improved yields and harvest. 

Benefits of Veritas and Fortalis on cotton:
  • Proven and consistent yield increases.
  • No detrimental effect on fibre quality.
  • Proven compatibility with most fungicides, insecticides and other AgChem foliar sprays.

Yield uplift in cotton

These results show cotton yield uplift from our Fortalis product, averaged across five trials in Argentina. The product was applied (1 L/ha) with either two or three applications (two weeks apart) both starting at B1 (first floral bud/square). The yield uplift with Fortalis was highly significant (P<0.001). Furthermore, three applications gave a significantly higher yield uplift than two applications (P<0.05). More data can be found in the data sheet.
Recommended products to be applied to cotton
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Fortalis is a foliar spray containing calcium, zinc and our calcium mobility technology.

Mature soybean crop in field, sun setting


Veritas is a foliar spray that contains calcium, zinc and our calcium mobility technology.

Literature downloads

Fortalis cotton data sheet

Veritas cotton data sheet

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