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InCa Plus

InCaTM Plus is an advanced foliar spray that contains calcium, magnesium and a Plant Impact calcium mobility technology, reducing the risk of calcium disorders and improving shelf-life. InCa Plus has proved effective on a range of crops, for more information see our product sheets.

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Benefits of InCa Plus 
  • Improved crop quality, storage and shelf-life.
  • Reduction of tip burn, internal breakdown in Brassica.
  • Better skin finish in potato and root vegetables.
  • Increased head weights.
  • Less crop waste and more marketable yield .
  • Compatibility with other AgChem foliar sprays.
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Calcium mobility technology

Our calcium mobility technology optimises movement and distribution of calcium in plant tissue.

Graph of calcium content increase in brassica when InCa is applied

Increased calcium content in white cabbage

In UK white cabbage trials, application of InCa was shown to significantly increase (P<0.05)  calcium content unlike two competitors. InCa also significantly (P<0.001) increased the cabbage head weight by 7%. More data can be found in the data sheet.
Recommended crops for InCa Plus


dark green brassica leaves


Learn about which products can be applied to brassica.

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Lettuce and leafy salad

Learn about which products can be applied to lettuce and leafy salad.

potatoes in the soil

Potatoes and root vegetables

Learn about which products can be applied to potatoes and root vegetables.

Literature downloads

InCa Plus brassica data sheet

InCa Plus lettuce and leafy salad data sheet

InCa Plus potato and root veg data sheet

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