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dark green brassica leaves


Brassica vegetables are part of the cabbage or mustard family and include crops such as broccoli, kale and cabbage. Calcium deficiency is a key problem in brassicas, leading to disorders like tip burn or internal breakdown, which greatly reduces marketable yield. Applying biostimulants can help overcome issues like calcium deficiency. Plant Impact has a range of biostimulants that can be applied to brassica, such as eNTitonTM, InCaTM and FortalisTM.

Benefits of eNTiton, InCa and Fortalis on brassica
  • Reduction of tip burn, internal breakdown and other calcium disorders.
  • Increased average head weights.
  • Less crop waste and more marketable yield.
  • Compatibility with other AgChem foliar sprays.
Graph of calcium content increase in brassica when InCa is applied

Increased calcium content in white cabbage

Brassica growers have reduced crop waste thanks to the biostimulant power of InCa. In UK trials, InCa significantly increased (P<0.05) white cabbage calcium contents unlike two competitors. More data can be found in the data sheet.
Recommended products to be applied to brassica
green lettuce leaves


eNTiton optimises nitrogen delivery to plants to encourage better establishment, rooting and growth.

pile of fresh strawberries


Fortalis is a foliar spray containing calcium, zinc and our calcium mobility technology.

Rows of red and green lettuce


InCa is a foliar spray that contains calcium, zinc and our calcium mobility technology.

potatoes in the soil

InCa Plus

InCa Plus is a foliar spray that contains calcium, magnesium and our calcium mobility technology.

fresh green cabbage farm field


MoBility is a high concentration liquid boron formulation designed for foliar application to prevent and treat boron deficiency.

raspberries garden


Movax combines a Plant Impact abiotic stress resistance technology within a nutrient package

Literature downloads

Movax horticulture data sheet

eNTiton horticultural data sheet

InCa brassica data sheet

InCa Plus brassica data sheet

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