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Croda Crop Care Technologies


Our products contain different biostimulant technologies that improve crop quality, increase yield and cut waste. There are six key technologies detailed below. Click on each technology to learn more about how they work and which products they go into.
microscope image of a translucent leaf

Calcium mobility technology

Our calcium mobility technology optimises movement and distribution of calcium in plant tissue.

golf course landscape

Liquid, foliar and fertigation nitrogen technology

Our liquid, foliar or fertigation applied, nitrogen technology, optimises nitrogen delivery to plants, encouraging better establishment, rooting and growth.

row of cocoa pods in trees

Abiotic stress resistance technology

Our abiotic stress resistance technology mitigates the effect of common stresses such as heat and drought.

soybean nodules in soil

Yield uplift technology for seed

Our biostimulant technology for seed treatment application, significantly increases yield and is safe for germination.

field of young soybean crops and a blue sky

Enhanced plant growth technology

Our enhanced plant growth technology is a precursor to thousands of plant metabolites that can stimulate rooting and plant growth.

Crop field containing a biostimulant

Speciality nutrition

Our speciality nutrition products are formulated to overcome specific challenges such as compatibility issues with rhizobia, or antagonism with other agrochemicals.

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