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Dry bean

Dry beans are an important crop in Brazil, providing an alternative protein source to meat. There are two main varieties of beans grown Phaseulus (Carioca and Black) and Vigna (Caupi and Macaçar). As with soybeans, flower and pod loss can be important factors in determining yield. By applying biostimulants that increase calcium mobility within the crop, such as Plant Impact's products VeritasTM or FortalisTM, yield uplifts can be achieved.

Benefits of Veritas and Fortalis on dry bean
  • Mitigate flower and pod loss.
  • Proven and consistent dry bean yield increases.
  • Average yield uplift of 262 kg/ha (10.2%) in Brazil.
  • Proven compatibility with most fungicides, insecticides and other AgChem foliar sprays.
yield uplift graph for drybean when fortalis applied

Yield uplift of dry bean

Veritas has been tested in 98 on-farm dry bean trials in Brazil. As shown in the graph, the average yield uplift was 262kg/ha (10.2%), when sprayed across multiple growth stages. More data can be found in the data sheet.
Recommended products to be applied to drybean
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Fortalis is a foliar spray containing calcium, zinc and our calcium mobility technology.

Mature soybean crop in field, sun setting


Veritas is a foliar spray that contains calcium, zinc and our calcium mobility technology.

Literature downloads

Fortalis dry bean data sheet

Veritas dry bean data sheet

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